The 100% Model


Our Funding Model

100% of what you give goes directly to people in need. This is our promise.

Be it directly to individuals who have fallen through the cracks or to initiatives, charities and programmes that address a specific need. Whatever you choose to support with your donation, we assure you that the FULL amount will go to the individual or cause.

For example, if you donate $100 through your credit card, the beneficiary will get $100! We will pay for the $2-$3 bank fees for credit card transactions. NOTHING from your donation will go towards bank charges or to our operating costs. (Unless you specifically choose to help fund us!)

How do we pay for our overheads?

We started out being funded by a single philanthropist, Mr Danny Yong. But today, our Board and partners who believe in what we are doing are fully funding our operating expenses. This is a challenge. But we believe it’s the best way forward to ensure donors like yourself give to the people whom you want to help, and the causes you want to support.