Trybe Limited — Building Eco-systems

Trybe is a social services agency that specializes in working with youth facing adversities such as substance addiction, delinquent behaviours and mental health challenges. Building Eco-systems is an employment support intervention service, to provide employment support for youths who have dropped out of school and enhance companies’ capabilities in training and development of young people.…

Tasek Jurong Limited — Tasek Explorers Value-Add Programmes

Tasek Jurong is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and uplift beneficiaries who include, but are not limited to ex-inmates, youth at risk, single parents, the needy and disabled and their families. This programme provides play-based phonics lessons for children aged 2 to 6 years old, from low- income families to reduce the…

Image Mission Ltd — IM Ready

Image Mission aims to promote the economic independence of the disadvantaged in Singapore, by providing them with career coaching, image services and presentable work attire for job interviews and career advancement. I’M Ready provides employment support for women who face unemployment or underemployment, cultivating a growth mindset to expand their career prospects.

HCSA Community Services — #ICanStayOnCourse Training Allowance

HCSA Community Services originally started as a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and ex- offenders. Today, their work has expanded to include ex-offenders, teenage girls who have experienced the complex trauma of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and single parents with limited support. This initiative provides a training allowance for 59 vulnerable members enrolled…

Epworth Community Services

Epworth Community Services is a social service agency that reaches out to help at-risk children and youth from disadvantaged families with literacy skills, providing foster care and trauma therapy programmes.