Trybe Limited — Building Eco-systems

Trybe is a social services agency that specializes in working with youth facing adversities such as substance addiction, delinquent behaviours and mental health challenges. Building Eco-systems is an employment support intervention service, to provide employment support for youths who have dropped out of school and enhance companies’ capabilities in training and development of young people.…

Bluestar- - Wholetree Foundation

WholeTree Foundation (OTR) — OTR Listens

Launched in 2010, the mission of the WholeTree Foundation is to identify, initiate, partner worthwhile charity and social innovation projects to effect positive transformations. OTR Listens is an online mental health support platform and community for youth featuring realtime one-to-one text-based chat support.

The Tapestry Project

The Tapestry Project Ltd — The re:story programme

Founded in 2014, The Tapestry Project SG is an independent, not-for-profit online publication that empowers mental health recovery through first-person stories. The re:story programme is an early intervention, strengths based programme that utilises expressive writing and narrative therapy to help youth facing stress and anxiety develop identity and resilience.

Grantee Partner Logos_Bluestar- - Limitless

Limitless — Community Building and Intervention for Youth

Limitless is a non-profit organization founded with the desire to see every youth given the opportunity to live out their potential. They aim to conduct outreach and awareness using social media channels (podcasts, TikTok), and create an online Discord server – a popular online platform among youths, that enables youth to receive help from trained…

Focus on the Family Singapore

Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd — Alive to Thrive

Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd is a donor-supported Institution of Public Character (IPC) dedicated to helping families thrive. Alive to Thrive is a suicide prevention initiative focused on protecting children through preemptive parenting. It involves public outreach, equipping families and engaging multiple sectors in the community in collective partnership to curb suicide.

Character & Leadership Academy Limited

Character & Leadership Academy Limited — HAPPYOUTH 3.1

Set up by Agape Group Holdings, CHARACTER & LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (CLA) was founded based on the belief that Personal Values and Character are the key foundations and life-smith of every youth leader, where in the absence of either would not allow them to effectively lead with pride and integrity. HAPPYOUTH 3.1 runs workshops, assembly programmes…